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What is it like to be a university lecturer?

To take up the profession as a university lecturer is a decision that allows any individual to boost up their academic research to the next level. However, it doesn’t affect the earning capacity of the people much. Lecturers also receive an advantage from offering the development and learning of the youths that might take up similar career decisions. Besides, this is one of the most excellent options for careers in HE. Below are some of the top merits and demerits of pursuing a career as a university lecturer.




More Time for Research


Obtaining the title of university lecturer allows you the ability to research freely. It is quite rare to find similar opportunities; there is only a small number of positions that enable the employees to get time for pursuing desires/passions identical to this.


Work Satisfaction


Another significant advantage is of acquiring a career as an academic lecturer in the model. The flexibility of the approaches that are taken off by the university lecturers is high. They can easily demonstrate their theories and thoughts to the students instead of only teaching them. Also, the lecturers can use their time more to discuss and debate instead of only explaining the topics to the students.


Guiding Students


One of the vital roles of any university lecturer is to offer guidance to the students. Guiding assists the students to grow and help them improve their quality of performance by motivating, supporting, and enhancing trust.




A university lecturer is a profession that is considered quite flexible. The structure of the working hours of the university lecturer enables them to switch between both work and personal life easily. Although they are still required to put in their effort and hard work, several lecturers also create some time by beginning early and working late. As for balance in the working life, this is known to an incredible choice.


Besides, it is also possible for the teachers to take leave for some months from their original methods of teaching or responsibilities to complete extra research work. This is one of the most flexible careers in HE.




Lecturers are frequently requested to visit many types of universities or colleges in several different areas of the country or even outside the country. Another chance is to get the option to talk and network with aspirants across the entire world.




High Level of Competition


The standard-issue that many kinds of people face is the increasing number of experienced lecturers, but the vacancy is relatively less. Even though the competitiveness in this field is high, so even if the candidates are utterly skilled and knowledgeable with enough experience, searching for full-time work might get more stringent.




Another reason that can discourage several university lecturers is income. Although the ER is not normally paid much, they also do not receive enough payment as compared to the efforts that they put into it.


Hours of Work


In case you have acquired the title of university lecturer, then the lengthier working hours can become an issue. However, adaptability to work remains a constant advantage. Also, having work hours on weekends and in evenings is regular and also anticipated.




The advantages of the individuals becoming university lecturer is more effective as compared to the negatives. The entire concept of the thought behind shaping the minds of the youths, taking up the favorite subject, and have the chance to perform research is thrilling.

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