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The Science-Backed Benefits of Massage

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Have you ever noticed that the first thing you ever did after banging your head onto the wall was rubbing it gently with your hand? This certainly must have been one of the most common things that almost all of us did. The researchers claim that this is due to the gate theory. This means that the first instinct of an individual when they get hurt is to massage away the pain. We all know that massages have been practiced since ancient times. Let us explain the same to you with some facts that are backed by science. These will certainly make you think about taking up the sessions of massage in South Kensington.

Immune System Strengthens

Talking about immunity, we can say that massage has an important role to play in the production of white blood cells. These WBCs will then help in increasing the immunity in your body which will help you fight the flu and fever. It has also been studies that after a massage session, the individual has a higher level of proteins which do play an important role in providing protection to the body from viral infections and tumors.

Happy Hormones Released

Never let the sads of the week let you down. The study reported that on average, massage raises your serotonin, which is a happiness-related neurotransmitter by 28 percent, and dopamine (a motivation and excitement related hormone) by 31 percent.

Pain Reduced

Getting hit by a running bicycle or banging your head against a wall, all of these can cause a lot of pain to you. The first thing that we would suggest you do is to get regular sessions of massage in South Kensington. This will help in increasing the blood flow throughout your body and also reduce inflammation. Not only this, but it will also help in flushing the toxins out of your muscles which help in healing the injury.

Promotes Healing of Burn Scars

In a study, it was seen that when 146 burn patients were given a proper massage, it did make a lot of difference in their conditions. They noticed less pain, reduced itchiness, and even the scar healing was quick. It worked by breaking down the scar tissue and hence the skin underneath started repairing on its own. Nerve fibers are often activated by massage to ease discomfort, relax muscles, and create a feeling of well-being.

Birth and Labor

In a comprehensive study, more than 2000 women were trained with massage therapy for delivery during the final month of pregnancy. This did lower the risk of damage and discomfort, enhancing flexibility, and declining muscle and soft tissue resistance. Massages are only successful for women who had given birth vaginally.

Blood Pressure

There are lots of science-backed evidence which prove that massage in South Kensington can certainly lower blood pressure. The trigger point therapy increases both the blood pressure and heart rate. By increasing the absorption of oxygen, massage reduces blood pressure and pulse rate, which will decrease the increase in blood pressure.