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What Exactly IS A Barndominium?

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A Barndominium is a house made out of an old barn. Historically, the space that used to be devoted to hay or wheat storage (a barn) was converted into a house, usually with additional loft space on the second floor. This home style became popular during the farm housing boom in the 1920s and remains popular today.

Though building codes state it must meet minimum standards for American houses, many people consider it an updated version of a cabin. Metal barn house kits

It is one of the many styles of houses that were built during the "colonial revival" era. Today, barndominiums are becoming quite popular with families looking for country house plans. Barndominiums are generally built on a foundation instead of piles like traditional wood and stone houses.

Barndominiums were initially used primarily for storing hay or other farm crops. Smaller versions are built as guest cottages, but some are now full-size houses. Some even have garages and barns, so they do not need to buy one as a new home.

One big plus is that many of these barn homes are designed to meet green building standards with low energy use and high insulation levels and are constructed from sustainable materials such as reclaimed or salvaged materials or using hybrid methods for construction.

Many plans for barndominiums can be found on the internet. Some websites offer free building plans, and some sell them for reasonable prices.

The style of this home can vary greatly, but the typical floor plan is that of a ranch-style house with a fantastic large room, kitchen, and a small loft at the top. Many people prefer to have large windows that lead out to an oversized porch. The basic construction materials are reclaimed timber from old barns, steel, and sometimes stone or brick. Barndominium floor plans vary so much because they are simply adaptations of different architectural styles or ideas created over time by various builders in different parts of the country. Some barndominiums are built in the shape of a barn, and others are built to look like colonial, gothic, or craftsman-style homes.

There are several ways that this style of home is marketed. Some companies sell kits so that people can make their own homes, but most sell plans with construction also included. Metal barn house kits are also available online, which helps with getting the costs down on building them.

Building a barndominium is not only an economical alternative to standard construction but also produces a home that maximizes the use of what is on the property and is truly environmentally friendly. If you are interested in building one of these homes, then take the time to search for information on the different styles and get copies of the plans. You may be surprised by just how easy it can be to build one of these homes for yourself.

A barndominium or barn house can add charm and character to your property. They are usually in the form of a cabin or cottage, so they look rustic and quaint. Many people like to have them built on their land as extra guest houses so they can earn some money while not using them. It is especially true if you live in an area where tourist attractions abound.