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Prince Andrew Halts Public Duties Over Sex Scandal

While Britain is reeling over the alleged sex scandal involving the Duke of York Prince Andrew, the prince has announced that he will be stepping back from public duties. The announcement has come after his much talked about and heavily criticized interview with BBC where he was faced with direct questions regarding the nature of his affiliation with Jeffrey Epstein and the accusation by Virginia Giuffre a 36 year old Australian –American who had accused the prince of sexually assaulting her when she was a minor around two decades ago. Earlier Epstein who had been apprehended and tried for sex offences, prostitution of minor girls and running a sex trafficking ring, committed suicide in August 2019 in his jail cell while awaiting trial by public prosecutors.

The interview

While Prince Andrew has denied any involvement with Virginia Giuffre and has categorically refuted her claims that he had met her or engaged in any such activity with her; he did however express remorse over the ordeal of the victims of the Epstein’s sex trafficking. Although his expressions may not have supported his claims to have regrets over his association with the pedophile Epstein, he did emphasize on it and admitted how Epstein’s death had left many questions unanswered and disrupted the lives of many; with whom he sympathized and was willing to assist the law enforcement agencies in any way with the investigation and enable the victims to achieve some form of closure and to be able to move on with their lives.

The interview that was supposedly intended to clear the prince’s name in the matter did the exact reverse consequent to the prince’s ill-rebuttal of the claims and accusations and all the questions that had arisen out of the revelation made about the sex scandal. His interview with Emily Maitlis has invited so much criticism that he has announced stepping back from public duties. It has become evident to the royal family that the prince’s marred reputation is hampering the royal family’s ongoing duties and commitments. Many universities and charitable organizations are reviewing their association with the prince. Earlier a digital skills building agency that was being supported by BT, Britain’s largest broadband provider was articulated by the company to dissociate itself from the prince and discontinue his patronage. Subsequent to the reactions, the prince has announced to step out from the royal office. 

The prince and Jeffrey Epstein

This is the second time the prince has had to step back from his duties following public outrage and criticism over his conduct. In 2011 the prince had to step down from his position in the UK Royal trade envoy in the US when a picture of him with Epstein started taking rounds. The picture was taken right around the time Epstein had come out of prison after 13 months of imprisonment following his trial subsequent to cases filed by multiple underage girls accusing Epstein of ensnaring them in a sex trafficking ring and coercing them to engage in prostitution under the pretense of providing tantric massage services. Multiple cases were filed against Epstein in 2009 whereby he had been accused of pedophilia, forced prostitution of minor girls and running a sex traffic ring. Epstein was apprehended, had to settle on undisclosed terms and ended up serving an 18 months sentence which was cut down to 13. 

Giuffre’s accusations

The prince had enjoyed a friendship with Epstein since 1999 and reportedly holidayed at Epstein’s residence in Palm Beach Florida where he enjoyed getting tantric massage through girls who had been ensnared by Jeffrey Epstein and his partner and former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell who is the daughter of British publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell. Giuffre who had been a part of that ring for around two and a half years claims to have met and serviced the prince on more than one occasion. According to Giuffre she had encountered the prince at Epstein’s residence in Manhattan and at his properties in the Caribbean islands. She first made the revelations in 2014. One particular instant the prince was asked about in the interview was from a night in London in 2001 when the prince had met Giuffre at a bar and had wined and dined with her and danced as well. Later on they had gone to Maxwell’s residence in Belgravia, Central London where he had sexual intercourse with her. Virginia Giuffre was only 17 years old at that time. 

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The interview was a weak attempt at the prince’s behalf to present his side of the story; however, his denial to have known Giuffre while pictorial proofs contradicted his statements and told a different story altogether. Apparently, business concerns and the public haven’t bought the story of the night from 2011 where he claims he was with family and never went to the party. How the story proceeds and unfolds remains to be seen. For now, the withdrawal of the prince from the royal office is an attempt to prevent the royal family’s image from being tarnished further and disrupting its official affairs.

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