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How to Enjoy An Erotic Massage in London like a Pro

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Perhaps this is your first time going for an erotic massage in a spa in London. You may feel nervous and anxious as you don’t know what to expect during the session. Unfortunately, your nervousness and anxiety can affect your experience in the spa and, as such, you may not enjoy the session. Instead of getting worked up over this, you should take the time to read this post and learn how to enjoy an erotic massage in London like a pro.

Book as early as possible

Waiting until the last minute before booking your next massage session can make it difficult for you to choose the right time for it. By booking late, other clients might have taken the prime slots on your preferred dates. Therefore, it is suggested that you book the services as early as possible.

Get to the spa on time

Every regular client of massage parlours understands the essence of arriving on time. You don’t want to be rushed into the massage room when you are still trying to relax. Therefore, you need to get to the spa on time. You may want to take some snacks and drinks as you get set to receive an erotic massage like a pro.

Confidently choose a massage therapist you are comfortable with

To enjoy an erotic massage like a pro, you should spend some time checking out the masseuses and masseurs available at your chosen spa. Generally, most spas have different professionals and allow each customer to pick any of them. So, you should confidently check out every masseuse or masseur before selecting whoever you want. Don’t forget to consider the gender of the professional you want to choose.

Get to know your massage therapist

After you have chosen a masseuse or masseur, you may want to dedicate some time to know more about your massage therapist. As you familiarize yourself with the person, you will become more comfortable with their services. Also, you can take advantage of the opportunity to explain your expectations from the massage. Similarly, talk about any medical conditions you have that may interfere with the results of the massage. Overall, this can boost your overall experience during and after the sensual massage therapy.

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Be the boss

Without a doubt, you are the boss of the massage session as you have the final say in most cases. Besides, the goal of every massage parlour is to satisfy the needs of the customers. Therefore, if you are not comfortable with anything the masseuse or masseur is doing, you should not hesitate to say it.

Put away your valuables

When visiting a massage parlour, you will likely have your phones, jewellery, wallet, and other valuables with you. However, you need to get rid of these items if you want to enjoy an erotic massage like a pro. Many parlours will offer you a place to keep these items before the massage starts. Remember to switch off your phone or turn off its ringer. If you are not going to use any of these items, you may want to keep them at home.

Be ready to go naked

For people that have received erotic massages lots of times, going nude is not usually a problem. So, if you would like to enjoy sensual massage therapy like a pro, you should not shy away from going nude. Even if you are a bit uncomfortable, you should understand that going nude is almost unavoidable for an erotic massage. Therefore, you should do it confidently and get rid of any anxiety you might have.

Take note of the dos and don’ts of massage

There are things you should or shouldn’t do before and after the massage therapy. Therefore, if you want to do like a pro, you should learn these things online and follow them accordingly.

Some of the dos and don’ts to take note of include:

  • Do shower before the massage
  • Do wait for some time before applying makeup after the massage
  • Don’t eat a heavy meal before a massage

When you are finally done with the massage, you should not forget to tip your masseur or masseuse for the good job done.