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Guides for Exterior Renovation of Old Building

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If you have an old house, you might want to make some changes so the house will be comfortable to live in. Old houses usually need renovation in order make sure that the house is strong enough to as a living place.

Usually, people want to keep the historical look of the building. Historic materials should be retrained if it is possible. If it is possible, you can repair the material. Sometimes, old material cannot be used anymore. If this happens to your house, you can have replacement material. This is a good way to renovate the house (Gevelrenovatie).

You can follow these steps if you are planning to renovate your house.

1. Identify the materials used in the historic house. The materials can be cornices, brackets, wood, paint, finishes, colors, and many more.

2. Identify the routine maintenance needed. The routine maintenance might include the paint coating, extensive peeling and cracking.

3. Replace damaged materials such as wood panel, roof, siding, glass, and many more.

If the building is severely damaged, you can replace it with nearly the same material. It is to keep the historicity of the building. You should ask professional if you are going to have a replacement. They might be able to tell you what kind of material can replace the damaged one.

Sometimes you will have to change the material with substitute that is made of aluminum or vinyl because they are maintenance-free materials. You have to reconsider this option because it has benefit and weakness. The benefit is the fact that those materials are maintenance-free and the weakness is the missing historicity aspect.

Do not forget to inspect about the asbestos. Asbestos is a material used to protect the house against heat and corrosion. If your old house is being renovated, tiny fibers might come out. It is a dangerous material that can be accidentally breathed-in.