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Everything You Need to Know About Deep Tissue Massage

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Deep tissue massage:

The deep tissue massaging is usually used to treat the musculoskeletal issues that are sort of injuries or the accident. The deep tissue massages involve applying slow pressure targeted to the inner layer of your muscles. It also helps in leading deep strokes and the layers of your connective tissue. This helps in breaking the scar tissue that is usually occurred due to the injury and further helps in the reduction of stress levels and anxiety in your tissues and different muscles of your body.

The deep tissue messaging also promotes the increasing of blood flow and faster healing of tissues as the human body takes a lot of time to be healed after an injury. It further helps in reducing the pain and inflammation in our body, and stiffness of the back, joints, leg muscle, sore shoulders, and chronic aches.

Benefits of deep tissue massaging:

This therapy includes physical and mental benefits as it usually focuses on relaxation, helps in reducing muscle pain, and also improves health. It improves the mental health of the suffering person. A 2014 research study has shown that around 59 participants found tissue massaging has reduced the pain of several people suffering from chronic low back. People have reported that this therapy about tissue massaging helps with several things

  • Sciatica
  • Sports injuries
  • High blood pressure
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Tennis below

Deep tissue massaging Compare to Swedish massage

Deep tissue massage is a different type of massaging than Swedish massage. Both are used for the same purpose to treat the stroke. But they have different uses and the amount of force with pressure. There are several differences between the following Swedish massage and the deep tissue massage. 

  • Intended use

Deep tissue managing is used for chronic pain and promotes muscle injuries, While Swedish massage is used to reduce the muscle stress that is caused due to some activities in our daily routine. Such as a bad posture or sitting badly.

  • Pressure:

Both of the massage therapies used the fingers and the palms for massaging your tissues while the Swedish massage is gentle and induces less pressure to your tissues than the deep tissue massage. Moreover, not only palms and fingers but the elbow is also used in increasing the pressure on the tissue during the deep tissue body massaging.

  • Area of focus:

The Swedish massage is used to target the specific area of your muscle in the body that tends the most tension whereas deep tissue massaging only targets the innermost layers of the muscle. The inner muscles such as tendons, joints stiffness, and the further pain regarding the attachment of muscles

During the massaging:

Before starting the deep tissue massage at erotic massage London, the therapist will let you know about the problem areas in your body, a deep tissue massage can be done on only a part of the body or the whole body depending on the area where the problem is being occurred. Once you know about your problem then you will be asked to lay down on your stomach. You will be further undressed or the part which required massage should only be exposed. The massage therapist will warm up your muscles by rubbing them with a lighter and gentle touch by its fingers. After being warmed up now they will start working on the problem area. They will use a force or intense pressure on the point where you feel discomfort and after this session, you will be guaranteed to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Does deep massaging tissue hurts:

During the massage, you can feel the discomfort or a little pain on the pointed areas where the therapist must be working on the scar tissues. But it is not necessary that having pain must feel good enough it can make it worst for the massaging therapist to reach and work on the deeper muscles due to stiffness. If you feel any pain during the massage do tell your therapist at erotic massage London and they will adjust it according to further technique and your body tissues

Any side effects:

For a few days, it may be having a little soreness but you can use a heating pad or towel to treat it. It is safe in every prospectus but not safe for everyone as the people who consist of a history of blood clotting, bleeding disorder or cancer must first speak to the doctor before taking therapies.