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Blog Directory Submission Is Simple and Great

The blogs are very famous nowadays as these are serving the internet users with ready availability of the topic and the sharing of all what a user wants to. There are many websites that are receiving huge amounts of traffic daily. In a blog, you are allowed to post on daily basis and it keeps the record of your past posting. Moreover, other users can also share their posting on the same websites. Thus a blog comes out to be a very good tool to share the URLs and other website links. A blog directory submission goes a long way in getting a new website indexed with the search engines. For sure, this is quite simple and easy to list with the blog directories and the result is quite great and awesome.

Whenever, you submit a post to a Indian blog directory, it just gets the record as per the time and date. This helps others and even the user to know when either the link was created or the post was published. There are many topics that come under discussion in a blog. You need to choose those blogs for submission of directory that are relevant to your website. Moreover, the page rank of the blog should also be considered. You would get yourself updated, every time you visit the blog, with the help of RSS feeds.

In order to use blog directory submission, you would require the different blogging platforms that help you list with the directories. Some of these platforms are blogger, WordPress and many others to include. These directories not only help you submit URLs but you are also at liberty to share main domains and the RSS feeds. As you submit your blog to different high page ranking blog directories, you can expect to get your it visited by more and more users.

So what are blog directories good for?

Getting the search engines to take notice of your sites, use it as a way to herd those blind bots. Blog directories will help you get noticed, by bots but not really by humans. So think of it like this. It is a onetime thing you do, or have a plugin to do it for you. No need to spend hours at these sites. I may be wrong but from what I have learned this seems to be the best answer to this. If you have a different opinion I would love to hear it. Let me hear your opinion in the comments.

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