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A Tantric Masseuse on Sexual Healing

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A tantric massage is a spiritual and sensual massage that promotes sexual healing. Tantric massage has its roots in ancient cultures and is still used in almost all parts of the world. The techniques of tantric massage involve the chakras, and therefore it is not just an erotic massage but a more spiritual counterpart of it. 

A tantric masseuse is a professional who gives tantric messages to people. If you are looking for a tantric massage London, you can find a tantric masseuse near you. Let us look at what a professional tantric masseuse has to say about sexual healing and tantric massage. 

What a professional tantric masseuse thinks about sexual healing

For a professional tantric masseuse, a tantric massage is a way for people to experience the maximum pleasure that people are capable of experiencing. Therefore the end goal is pleasure and relaxation. 

It is believed by tantric masseuses that having positive sexual energy can impact everything and everyone in a person’s life positively. So sexual healing not only heals a person but also impacts their environment and everyone in it. 

Tantric massage can also break the monotony of sex life and can help a person experience pleasure in a different way. If two partners are involved in a tantric massage, it helps to strengthen their bond and forms a deep spiritual connection between them. In the case of partners, tantric massage can promote both sexual healing and the healing of the relationship. It is not often that people connect on such a spiritual level with each other. 

A tantric masseuse defines a tantric massage as being very different from other traditional massages. According to them, this massage takes shakti or energy into consideration. When energy is incorporated in a massage, human beings can be affected deeply on a spiritual level. 

The roots of tantric massage can be found in Hindu and Buddhist histories, which were later adopted by the western world. This westernized form of Tantric massage can also be called Neotantric massage. 

Apart from sexual healing, if a person is interested in stepping into the tantric world, professional masseuses say that a tantric massage can be a good starting point that can give them an idea about the tantric way of life. 

The main focus of a tantric massage is to find the sensitive nerve endings in a person’s sexual organs and help them relax. Once the nerves are relaxed they can form an unobstructed pleasure path to the brain. This can give the brain sensations of pleasure and helps it relax. 

Most professional tantric massages start with a healing session. Tantric masseuses say that during these healing sessions, the person accesses all their hidden emotions. Sometimes these healing sessions can get a little intense and dark. A person might think about past trauma or a bad experience and start crying. Going to dark and sad places is also alright during a tantric massage as it is a safe way of dealing with trauma. The trauma can be processed and let go by means of sexual pleasure. 

Tantric masseuse emphasizes the importance of consent in a tantric massage. A professional tantric massage is like any other massage. Since the receiver of the massage is naked, and also emotionally vulnerable during a tantric massage, consent is considered sacred by professional masseuses. If the receiver wants to stop, the masseuse stops immediately. Tantric massage is absolutely safe and is meant solely for spiritual purposes and sexual healing. 

Professional tantric masseuses also point out that the end result of a tantric massage shouldn’t be seen as orgasm. It should be relaxation and the unblocking of sexual blockages that a person might have. From observation, tantric masseuses say that women generally have more sexual blockages than men do. 


If you want to experience this spiritual and sensual massage and start your sexual healing journey too, you can go for a tantric massage. There are many masseuse and professional clinics of tantric massage in London. Tantric massage is like any other form of massage and you have to completely let go of your fears and insecurities to enjoy the massage. Don’t worry, it is completely safe!

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