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Tips To Hire A Full Stack Developer

An excellent full stack developer is a person who is capable of maintaining and creating all the components required to develop full-fledged applications (Web, mobile or desktop). Development of applications includes the knowledge of back-end, front-end, databases along with the DevOps activities.

When it comes to hiring a full stack developer, it is critical to understand that no two full-stack developers are same. They can be different from each other in various ways such as in the knowledge of a specific technology stack and the master of particular layers of the same stack. Following are a few examples of popular web stacks technologies such as:

  1. LAMP

  2. MEAN

  3. ROR

  4. ASP.NET

  5. Veu JS

  6. Meteor

  7. PHP

  8. Node.js.

If you are looking for the full stack developer, but don't have any idea of when to hire them, then this article is intended to provide you pro tips of hiring.


What experience to look for?


Once you have decided to recruit full-stack developer, you need to find the resumes of the full-stack developers. Also, it is essential to have a general understanding of what sort of technology stack you would like to implement.


It will help to conduct the process of searching the best candidates in a secure and cost-effective manner. Check out the candidate's experience mentioned in their resumes and find out if anyone matches with it.


Because hiring a seasoned PHP full-stack developer doesn't make sense when you need to create a web application using Node.js. Make sure you examine the projects listed in their resumes.

How to Interview the Candidates?


Once the resumes have been shortlisted, the next step is to start taking the interviews. Let's read about which type of the interview questions should an interviewer ask to hire a full-stack developer.

It is essential to check whether a candidate has appropriate communication skills because having excellent communication skills will help them understand the vision, mission and goals of your organization.


Another thing is to check the candidate's flexibility as it relates to work. So make sure you communicate well to the developer if he/she is fine with flexible working hours.


From a technical point of view, the questions related to the full-stack technology must cover previous experiences they have in project handling. Understand their roles and approach they took in the projects. Also, know if their approach matches with your vision. It’s crucial to have a common understanding and agreement on how they plan for reaching out the set goals.


In a nutshell, let's discuss the benefits of hiring a full-stack developer.

  1. A single resource, who knows multiple-technologies.

  2. A developer, who can take ownership of implementation and design as well.

  3. A full-stack engineer can easily take charge of project responsibility.

  4. They can help companies with cost savings and increase ROI.

  5. A developer who has years of experience in programming can help companies to reach the pinnacle of success in a short period.

If you want to hire a full stack developer for your business project, then consider hiring a candidate from a full stack development company that works on all technology stacks mentioned above in the article.

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