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Simple Secrets to Dog Training For New Pet Owners

When a new dog comes into the household, joy and excitement are common feelings initially but when owners are not aware of the secrets to dog training for new owners, any sized dog can become a nightmare. Not many people are aware but a well-trained dog can be the perfect companion for many years to come. In addition to having your house intact, dogs enjoy training as well because they have ample opportunities to please their master.

One of the major problems that dog owners face is potty training. Some people become so frustrated with their new pup because for some reason or another, they cannot successfully house train their dog. One of the most valuable secrets to dog training involves disciplining your dog to keep their business in tact until it is time to go outside. To achieve this, take your dog out frequently during the day but always during the same time.

When your dog does their business outside, reward them with a treat and praise. It is important to avoid only punishing your pet when they go in the house and also offer incentive for them to go outside instead.

One of the best kept secrets to dog training is that timing is of the essence. It is crucial never to initiate a training session while your dog is hungry, tired, or irritated. For example, if you plan to teach your dog how to sit, you may not want to starve them all day before starting the lesson. The ideal time would be after the dog gets enough sleep and food. An attentive dog makes it easier for you to train.

Some dog owners feel that puppies are not old enough to start being trained but experts recommend that discipline training begin at 9 weeks of age. The day you bring your new dog home should be the first day of class. Do not wait until your dog gets used to their preferences like peeing in the tub or your favorite pair of shoes. When learning the secrets to dog training, always keep in mind that the earlier you start training, the better the chances of success.

Before putting any of the secrets to dog training to practice, consider preparing your home to encourage learning. If you want to teach your dog how to stop biting garbage then do not leave any around until it is time for the lesson. Though countless owners deal with frustration when bringing home a new dog, secrets to dog training can help you succeed with ease.

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