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PDF Files - How to Compress Them?

Adobe systems came up with Portable Document Format in 1993 only to offer a platform for independent document exchange. As the name goes by, this is a file format that does not have to depend upon any operating system, hardware or software. This is what differentiates it from the rest of the formats such as Word which needs Microsoft Office to be installed on the computer system so that documents in Word format can be viewed. This is why many people convert documents from word to pdf for easy access and viewing of documents. Various features and benefits in this format that are present are as follows:

It does not belong to any particular platform which is why a document in this format could be viewed by users using any given operating system like Mac, Linux, Windows and many more.

Microsoft Word document could be easily edited by any one at any given time however a file in pdf format is a read-only document which makes it safe. Therefore no one can maneuver the data in such a file.

Text or images, both could be easily accommodated. The graphical images and layouts are well maintained by the format on its own which means the way a layout is present in the original documents similarly it would be found in the converted file after it undergoes a word to pdf conversion . When it is about sharing documents over the Net with others then this is the format that is brought into use extensively.

So how would you reduce file sizes for the Web?

If there is Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional or a better version available then you could use the Optimizer tool for compress PDF or such files. You'd need to click on File and then Save As. Save it by the similar file name and then click on Advanced and opt for Optimizer. Compression of images, fixing the resolution, all could be done with the help of advanced features bundled in it. After having made the necessary changes, you could save the file by the name you would be able to remember it easily.

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