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Choose Cricket Bats Online to Save your Time and Energy

A gentleman's game, Cricket has become more of a cultural marker rather than a type of sport. It grips the nation in all its glory, thanks to its various versions, its edge-of the-seat last over and the victorious outcomes. Everything seems to unite the nation. While some like to take it up professionally, others like to start somewhere with a dream of playing for the country. One thing that is of utmost importance is the right cricket bat. You might think that finding time to go from one store to another in search of the perfect one might be a hassle. Now say goodbye to long queues and rushes by shopping for cricket bats online in the comfort of your home.

How to choose a cricket bat?

Choosing a cricket bat is quite easy provided you know the factors that should be considered for a wise buy. There are several parameters that come into play. Some of them are requirement, size, willow quality, weight, grains, batting style, pitch type, handle, grips, toe guard and brands.


Requirement depends on the type of ball you are playing with. For instance, if we are talking about a leather ball, a slightly thicker bat is required to play a good game. If you are using a tennis ball, a comparatively thinner ball will be an appropriate choice.


There are two types of sizes - short harrow and long harrow. You can choose either depending on your height and comfort.

Quality of Willow

There are two basic qualities of willow - English Willow and Kashmir. The former has a universal appeal and is the preferred one out of the two. With their sheer stroke, power and superior performance, these bats are a huge favorite among cricketers. Bats made of Kashmir willow are quite cheap and can be used by the beginners to start with.


If you are an amateur, starting with a lighter bat is a good choice. They will allow you hit the balls smoother and faster. They will also enable you to have a better control on your game. Once you are comfortable with a lighter bat, move to a heavier one that is durable and more powerful. Sometimes, technique also plays an important. If you hold the heavy bat in a particular way, it might seem lighter.


Grains symbolize the age of the bats. More the number of grains, the better performance of the bat, however, the bats with less number of grains are more durable when compared to the bats with more grains. An average of 6 to 8 grain will strike the perfect balance between performance and durability.

Batting style, pitch type, handle and toe guard

Buying a bat also depends on your batting style to a great extent. If you play on your front foot, a bat with a lower middle will be a good choice. If you play on your back foot, a higher middle bat will be a great pick. Pitches depend on the topography of that particular country. For instance, Indian and Sri Lankan pitches have a low bounce that demands lower middle bats. Handle and grips go hand in hand. Go for the one that fits your hands and does not slip. Toe guard is usually fitted to the bat to decrease any chances of breakage.

Buy online

You can buy MRF cricket bats online from various online stores in Melbourne, Australia. Choose one that fits your bill of that of requirements and price and get it delivered to your doorstep. Add one to your kit and enjoy unlimited sixes.

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